When moving it can sometimes be a little chaotic to say the least, with the thought of transferring all ones worldly possessions to a new residence you really need to be pretty prepared. We hope here at Great Movers US these tips will help you achieve just that.

Initial things to remember when moving

Grab a pen and notepad or tablet to make some reminders that need to get done before you move to your new location. A much overlooked thing when moving is remembering to forward mail to your new address. This is super simple to do and can be done online at the USPS website for just $1, it takes about a week for the change to take effect so keep that in mind.

If you are renting a place and you are moving out, patch any damage you might have caused and do a full walk through of the place with the landlord so you get back your deposit. Once you move out and hand back those keys if there is no walk though it’s your word against the landlord so to save any trouble down the road do the walk through straight away.

Once you get the keys to the new place give it a good clean before the movers start shifting stuff in the house. It will be much easier to do then and you might want to decorate and paint walls in advance because it will save you shifting furniture around later on.

If you are moving in to a rented place do a walk through with the new landlord and note any damage to the place before you move in so they don’t hold you responsible for that. If the landlord is not available for a walk through document everything and take pictures and e mail them straight away so you have a document of any damages.

If you know the movers are going to have issues with the move because of parking or 20 flights of stairs with no elevator then let them know in advance. In most cases you can get special parking permits for the movers from your local city government office that will block an area for 24 hours and this is normally free.

Humans normally horde, its in our nature so you might want a good clear out of things you want to keep and items you may wish to sell or donate to charity. Not only will it make the move cheaper but you will have much more space in your new location.

Size vs. size is something to consider when moving, are you trying to cram a 3 bedroom place in to a new 2 bedroom place? If you are then you will be frustrated on the other side of the move. Anytime you are downsizing chances are you will run in to a space and size problem. Plan what’s going where in the new place and if you are left with excess furniture then sell it or donate it.

You might want some home comforts when you move in to the new place; such as the essentials; Gas, electric and water. Notify all these providers you are moving so they can stop service in your old place and you can get hooked up to the new place before you move in. You might want to get cable and internet sorted also; this can also be done in advance if you have the key early.


23. 3. 2011
"After getting a new job in Illinois I need to move asap, this was a big move as I was living in Texas. I managed to find these guys and give them a call. They got back to me with a fantastic price and I was happy with how the move went."
Mr C. West
17. 3. 2011
"I can certainly vouch for this business, they were very professional and friendly and did a fantastic job of helping me move."
Mary Carpenter
17. 3. 2011
"As far as moving companies go I really can’t find fault with this one, they were attentive and on time plus they came in on price. I was really happy with how everything panned out and I would move with these guys again."
Adam Cohen

Moving Tips

If you are going to book a mover then make sure it’s a mover that is licensed. There are plenty of shady companies out there that you don’t want to go near. We only work with licensed movers who are background checked.
Don’t leave the packing until last minute, the move will be on you before you know it so make sure you give yourself weeks to prepare and box things up. Advanced planning is key to a smooth and stress free move.
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Our Commitment

Great Movers US really wants our clients to have little disruption to their lives as possible, this is what we pride ourselves on and aim for. We are also an environmentally conscious company that recycles as much as we can from moving boxes to using packing materials that can be reused and not wasted. Our aim is to look after our clients as if they are our own family and be there for them at all times.