Looking at your surroundings and being overwhelmed at the thought of packing it all up to move can be a common theme with our clients. If you opt to pack everything up yourself you might want to read this little tip guide to give you a jump on the task at hand.

Packing Tips that really can help

Go through each room and get an idea of how many boxes you might need for the move. You can normally buy boxes from any big hardware store or you can even check the free stuff section of craigslist to see if people are giving them away if you want to save some money.

Bubble wrap will become your best friend when packing, not only will it save items betting broken it is easy to work with and pretty cheap to buy. If you want to save money and not buy bubble wrap you can use old news paper to wrap glasses and even blankets and clothes to wrap plates and other items like computers and flat screen TVS.

Make a note of what you are packing and putting in the boxes, you can do this by numbering the box and having a note written next to the number so you know what is in there. Use a marker also to write on the box which room it belongs to, for example: Kitchen, bathroom, master bedroom and so forth.

Pack a small bag to take with you so you have the basics when you arrive in the new place, towel, tooth brush and soap. In some cases if you have a big place and you are moving to a far location the move can go in to the night so you might just want a quick shower on the other end to freshen up.

Don’t pack anything that might spill and damage your other items, you would be amazed with some people packing soda cans in with the electronics and discovering when they get to the other end of the move items are destroyed. Is it’s a hot day and these cans or bottles have been stuck in a box that is hot and shaken up during the move so they can explode and destroy anything in their surroundings.

If you are having issues with the packing then give Great Movers US a call because they will help you through the process with suggestions and for an additional price they will come out and pack for you.

If you have suitcases and other luggage then that can be used to pack up your clothes and bedding, it saves you on some boxes and you will easily identify where your clothes are on the other end of the move.

If you are lifting some boxes while packing then make sure you use the correct lifting techniques, bend your knees and keep that back straight to avoid strain and injury. You can check online of good lifting procedures and how to go about it properly.


23. 3. 2011
"After getting a new job in Illinois I need to move asap, this was a big move as I was living in Texas. I managed to find these guys and give them a call. They got back to me with a fantastic price and I was happy with how the move went."
Mr C. West
17. 3. 2011
"I can certainly vouch for this business, they were very professional and friendly and did a fantastic job of helping me move."
Mary Carpenter
17. 3. 2011
"As far as moving companies go I really can’t find fault with this one, they were attentive and on time plus they came in on price. I was really happy with how everything panned out and I would move with these guys again."
Adam Cohen

Moving Tips

If you are going to book a mover then make sure it’s a mover that is licensed. There are plenty of shady companies out there that you don’t want to go near. We only work with licensed movers who are background checked.
Don’t leave the packing until last minute, the move will be on you before you know it so make sure you give yourself weeks to prepare and box things up. Advanced planning is key to a smooth and stress free move.
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Our Commitment

Great Movers US really wants our clients to have little disruption to their lives as possible, this is what we pride ourselves on and aim for. We are also an environmentally conscious company that recycles as much as we can from moving boxes to using packing materials that can be reused and not wasted. Our aim is to look after our clients as if they are our own family and be there for them at all times.